Our volumes for 2019, New Series 44 and 45, are Borland’s Fowler: an annotated copy of Fowler’s Paisley and Johnstone Commercial Directory 1841-42, edited by John Malden, and Galston Kirk Session Register, Baptisms, Marriages, Poor’s Accounts, 1568-1595, edited by Margaret H B Sanderson.

Volume 44 was a discovery of John Malden’s in a secondhand bookshop, and provides a revealing description by a banker of many of the inhabitants of Paisley in 1841. It is to be launched on 16 January 2020, at The Place, Paisley Abbey, and anyone interested in attending should email the Editor,

Volume 45 is a rare and engaging baptismal register of the period, of interest to historians of the time and locality, and to genealogists of Ayrshire. It was happily ‘baptised’ in Galston, with the kind hospitality of Galston Kirk, on 24 November.


Copies of these and previous volumes are available from the Editor ( Recent volumes are:


Volume 43, Admission Register of Notaries Public in Scotland, 1800–1899, edited by J Finlay (two volumes)


Volume 42, Calendar of Scottish Supplications to Rome volume vi, 1471-1492, edited by Alan Macquarrie, Roland J Tanner and the late Annie I Dunlop