SRS Online

The SRS has formally agreed to the online publication of the Society’s backlist as searchable text in a subscription database administered by our existing ebook publishers, TannerRitchie. The database, which is expected to become available later in 2021, will allow researchers to carry out structured text searches of volumes, with the facility to search across multiple volumes at once. We hope that this will prove a useful platform for accessing, navigating and using Scottish Record Society publications, for members and non-members, and that it will allow the Society to continue to fulfil our aim of promoting the study of Scotland’s historical records.


The print volume for 2020, New Series 46, is An Impartial and Genuine List of the Ladys on the Whig or Jacobite Partie, Edinburgh 1745, transcribed and edited by Anita R Gillespie. The List, or rather Lists, is a series of names of mostly young and unmarried ladies compiled by two Whig gentlemen in Edinburgh in 1745-6 as a counter to the perceived imbalance of Jacobite propaganda of that time. It casts an unusual and personal light on the inhabitants of Edinburgh, in a way not seen in many contemporary accounts.





Also published in 2020 is the Society’s second electronic-only book, Scottish Agricultural Implement and Machine Makers 1843-1914: a directory, by Heather Holmes. This is a survey of the agricultural implement and machine makers in Scotland between 1843 and 1914. It is proving a valued resource for people interested in Scottish rural and agricultural history as well as Scottish industrial and engineering history.





Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae Medii Aevi Ad Annum 1638 – Third Edition of the New Series volume 25, edited by Norman Shead and the late D E R Watt and A L Murray, is now available as an electronic book.

This is a very full and comprehensive revision of one of our most valuable and well-used publications. Norman Shead has painstakingly updated and completed it, following on the work begun but sadly not finished by the late Athol Murray.

Please remember that no copies or onward distribution may be made of any electronic titles belonging to the Scottish Record Society without the permission of the Society. All funds received by the Society go to support our mission of publishing documents of record relating to Scotland.

Recent print volumes are:

2019: New Series 44 and 45, Borland’s Fowler: an annotated copy of Fowler’s Paisley and Johnstone Commercial Directory 1841-42, edited by John Malden, and Galston Kirk Session Register, Baptisms, Marriages, Poor’s Accounts, 1568-1595, edited by Margaret H B Sanderson.





2018: Volume 43, Admission Register of Notaries Public in Scotland, 1800–1899, edited by J Finlay (two volumes)