Scottish Record Society

The Scottish Record Society is one of Scotland’s oldest historical societies, and is dedicated to publishing calendars, indexes and texts of historical records.

It is a registered charity, SC032276.

It aims to promote the study of the historical records of Scotland by commissioning and editing works of appropriate significance, and by the publication of approved and contextualised original documents and of calendars and indices of public records and private muniments relating to Scotland of value to historians and genealogists.

“The SRS has a long and distinguished pedigree in making record sources available to researchers and the public. The information age which we are now experiencing makes it even more important to provide authentic versions of records; it also gives us a range of exciting new technologies to do so. There is a great role for the Society as a record publisher in the 21st century.”
– George MacKenzie, Society President

The Society publishes volumes yearly. Consider becoming a member to receive new volumes.

Digital editions (ebooks) of New Series volumes are available from TannerRitchie.

Print back copies of Old Series and New Series volumes are also available. For prices and availability of printed stock, please contact the Secretary.