• The Society is pleased to announce the publication of a number of its backlist volumes as searchable Ebooks through our online partner, TannerRitchie Publishing. This is an exciting area of publishing and one which is relatively unexplored for learned societies, and we hope that the project will improve access to our work for scholars and generate interest in the Society and its purpose. The Society intends to publish all backlist volumes in copyright in this way.
  • The Society publishes at least one volume on an annual basis. The current volumes, for the years 2013 and 2014, are New Series numbers 36 and 37, Admission Register of Notaries Public in Scotland, 1700-1799, the work of Professor John Finlay, Professor of Scots Law at Glasgow University.
  • A list of publications since the foundation of the Society in 1897 is available from the Secretary. Copies of past publications may be purchased from the Secretary, using the form link here, where still in print, or as Ebooks for volumes in copyright from TannerRitchie Publishing, See the subsequent pages on this site, Publications New Series and Publications Old Series.